Aesthetic Usability Effect

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Book Definition: the more aesthetically pleasing a product is, the more usable it is perceived to be and the more likely it is to therefore be used regardless of functionality

Our Take-away: Beauty Converts. The better looking something is, the better chance people are to gravitate towards it regardless if its the best or not.

Aesthetic Usability Example #1:

Aesthetic Usability Effect example Image #1

Both phones do the exact same thing, which one are you picking to use? Easy answer right. Now what would I take for you to use the phone on the right?

The not reason that question even exist is because of how much better the left phone looks. The right phone could be 5G while the left is 4G yet you’ll still pick the left, all because the phone looks better…

Aesthetic Usability Example #2:

Aesthetic Usability Effect example Image #2

This may be simple to see, yet so many of your competitors wont even make their website optimized for mobile. And if all you did here was make it look good on mobile customers will instantly prefer you over them

Aesthetic Usability Example #3:

Aesthetic Usability Effect example Image #3

Take away the brand names, which search would you rather use? The one the only showcases the search bar or the one that has everything front and center?

The left easily for the sole reason of it looks like it can do the search function far better than the one on the right.

Sometimes the best looking option s also the most simplistic

How to Apply the Aesthetic Usability Effect to your business:

With the examples above you might be getting some ideas already, but here are some of ours:

• Cohesive – Making all fonts match, colors match, thickness of texts match, Making the entire experience of your brand match
• Declutter – Think tesla, you don’t need 1 million things on your homepage to beat your competitors

Now these are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Comment below some ideas we may have forgotten


You’ve seen a few examples along with some definitions and ways to apply this to your business. Have you learned anything? If so leave a reply below to let us know!

Just don’t take this overboard, sometime function is better than design..


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