Curiosity Tendency

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Book Definition: loosens fixed beliefs, opens minds

Our Take-away: If you can get people to question or wonder about something, you can get them to think what you want them to

Curiosity Tendency Example #1:

Curiosity Tendency Example #1

We have all heard of the saying “Curiosity killed the cat”. Which perfectly illustrates just how powerful this tendency really is. People go through strange and scary attics due to curiosity, people will travel across the world to explore. Just think of all of the outrageous things human kind has done, and almost guarantee you can attribute those things to curiosity

Curiosity Tendency Example #2:

Curiosity Tendency Example #2

How many 4am nights have you had binge watching a movie because “I can’t just not know what happens after that” or gotten mad when you have to wait until next week to continue the plot? Cliffhangers play on your curiosity to find out what happens next. Many mornings have been ruined because you couldn’t stop watching… You now know what to blame

Curiosity Tendency Example #3:

Curiosity Tendency Example #3

These are just the major buckets of curiosity, every reason why you continue to do something falls loosely into one of these 5 categories. Added this just for flare

How to Apply the Curiosity Tendency to your business:

With the examples above you might be getting some ideas already, but here are some of ours:

• Don’t tell your customers everything upfront ( Only applies to positive benefits of your product/service) Let them “Discover” them
• Hint at things but never really clarify. Let them wonder just a bit

Now these are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Comment below some ideas we may have forgotten


You’ve seen a few examples along with some definitions and ways to apply this to your business. Have you learned anything? If so leave a reply below to let us know!

Just don’t take this overboard, at a certain point people will become uninterested as there’s not enough information to keep them going


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