How is Psychology Used in Business

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 Conflict Resolution
 Sales and Advertising
How to apply to your business


In order to explain how, we need to first  define what business psychology is…

Book Definition: to combine advanced business practices with the study of human behavior to improve the productivity, efficiency and culture of workplaces

Our Take-away: Applying psychology to solve business problems

Conflict Resolution

How is Psychology Used in Business with conflict resolution

When trying to resolve conflicts, at it’s core all you’re doing is trying to influence two parties to agree on a common solution. When influencing, understanding psychology has a huge effect on on the end results. It’s a shame this isn’t common logic, as we could truly make the workplace a not so bad place to work

Sales and Advertising

How is Psychology Used in Business For sales

This is the easiest use case. As you are directly trying to pursued people to buy/sign what you have. By having a working knowledge of maneuvers and back doors to the human mind, means your odds of success dramatically improve. It’s a clear reason why sales is fully immersed into psychology


How is Psychology Used in Business With colors

Based on the color scheme a business goes with, can have a great impact on the emotion/association you have with them. Why some colors tend to have their colors be green if they want to portray a clean environmental company. Or Gold if they want to make the item or brand look and feel luxurious

How to Apply this to your business:

These are just a tiny few examples, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to apply psychology to business

• Interviews
• Literal product design
• Customer Support

Comment below some ideas we may have forgotten


In every interaction where there’s 2 or more people psychology can be used, it is beneficial that you understand some psychological effects. Because they may just end up being used on you..


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