Reciprocation Tendency

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Book Definition: the automatic tendency for humans to try to reciprocate in kind what others have done for us

Our Take-away: If someone does something good for you, the odds are high that you’ll try and return the favor

Reciprocation Tendency Example #1:

Reciprocation Tendency Example #1

The age old “I scratch your back, you scratch my back” This translates into the real world as i look out for you, you look out for me. We are sure you have heard these or at least felt like you had to help someone out who did you a favor

Reciprocation Tendency Example #2:

Reciprocation Tendency Example #2

Ever wonder why gift exchanges happen? I give you a gift on your birthday, what are the odds you’ll give me one on my birthday? We’re willing to bet pretty high. Gift exchanges rely purely on good will and reciprocity. The moment you don’t give me a gift, id the moment i don’t get you one. Sad reality, but you can use this to your advantage..

Reciprocation Tendency Example #3:

Reciprocation Tendency Example #3

This tendency is the exact reason here in America we have something called the Golden Rule. People will reciprocate how you treat them. Both good AND bad. Although we have been talking about the positives, mistreating people will make them think poorly of you and treat you poorly as a result. Always be aware of how you’re actions are effecting people

How to Apply this to your business:

With the examples above you might be getting some ideas already, but here are some of ours:

• Give out a free item/upgrade for a review. Best chance at that 5 star
• Simple but give out great customer service. People may hate you but if you treat them well even when mad, they’re more likely to shop again
• Give your best customer free things for their birthday. They’re more likely to come back later in the year

Now these are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Comment below some ideas we may have forgotten


You’ve seen a few examples along with some definitions and ways to apply this to your business. Have you learned anything? If so leave a reply below to let us know!


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