Visual Depiction Effect

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Book Definition: the way in which consumers find something more appealing when they are able to picture themselves using it

Our Take-away: Being able to see the product being used will give you a better understanding on how you can use it

Visual Depiction Effect Example #1:

Visual Depiction Effect Example #1

How big is the phone really? You would never know by just seeing the advert on the left, which would cause the buyer to question the purchase. Which by now we can agree, friction is something you want to eliminate in the buying process.

The image on the right shows the average size hand holding the phone which helps the buying understand how it would work in the hands. Get the idea?

Visual Depiction Effect Example #2:

Which one of these pictures appeals to you the most? Odds are whichever hand you use to eat is going to be the best looking one. Even though its the exact same picture, your mind thinks in patterns. You reach out with your right hand, then your brain says the right is better.

How to Apply this to your business:

With the examples above you might be getting some ideas already, but here are some of ours:

• Show people using your products. And show different type of people doing different stuff with your product(s)


You’ve seen a few examples along with some definitions and ways to apply this to your business. Have you learned anything? If so leave a reply below to let us know!


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